Extinguishing System

Coltralco Portalevel

Coltralco Ultrasonics

We have partnered with Coltralco Ultrasonics to provide accurate, cost effective measurement equipment. Renowned for their Portalevel liquid level equipment, Coltralco also manufacture flow measurement, airtightness and thickness measuring equipment for use in a wide range of Industries.  Please call our sales department for more information regarding this exciting range of products.

Refilling Facility

Bureau Veritas Approval

KFSS are pleased to advise that we have now received Bureau Veritas Approval for the Inspection and Maintenance of fire extinguishing, fire detection equipment and systems aboard ships or mobile offshore units. This includes Fixed gas fire-extinguishing systems (precise fire extinguishing medium), fixed water-spraying and water-mist fire extinguishing systems, automatic sprinkler, fire detection and alarm …

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EWA 400 Kv Switchrooms

Nitrogen Clean Agent Fire Extinguishing systems were designed, installed and commissioned as part of a turnkey project to protect a number of 400 Kv Substations in Bahrain. The equipment was supplied by Kidde Fire Protection. Here you can see the duty and standby cylinder arrangement and the distribution valves supplying the protected areas.

CO2 Extinguishing System

Alba Potline 6 – Extinguishing

CO2 Extinguishing Systems were specified for the protection of Electrical Rooms in the Alba Potline 6 Expansion Project. The systems were designed to meet NFPA and FM standards. The equipment was supplied by Kidde Fire Protection. The systems are controlled by Kentec Extinguishing Control Panels

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