Fire Detection Systems and Accessories

At the heart of every fire protection scheme is the fire detection and control system. We have an extensive portfolio of products which allows us to design the most appropriate system to meet any requirement in accordance with all major standards. We offer full technical support for all our products including commissioning and training. We can maintain the products long after the equipment has been purchased to ensure it is fully functional through its lifetime.


Control Equipment

Apollo Fire Detectors

Commercial Fire Detection

Kidde Air Sense

Aspirating Smoke Detection

Spectrex UV/IR

Flame Detection

Kidde Alarmline

Linear Heat Detection

FFE Beam Detector

Beam Detectors

Cranford Controls

Signalling Products

E2s hazardous areas

Hazardous Areas

Elmdene PSU

Power Supply Units

pbq batteries


Wrexham MICC

MICC Cables

Doncaster Cables

Fire resistant Cables

Proud of our Partners

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