Maus Stixx

Maus Stixx now Civil Defence Approved

We can supply the innovative Maus Stixx fire sticker. A competitive solution for protecting small electrical and data cabinets and for peace of mind in the home. Electrical installations are always prone to fire and the cost of protection prohibitive for smaller installations. The Maus Stixx provides the answer.


An innovation that quickly fights the fire when the product is exposed at a temperature of 380°C. A chemical reaction releases harmless inerted gases that encapsulate and extinguish the burning particles in the space. 

– Compact size 10 x 5 cm
– Stand-alone unit
– Not pressurized
– Clean-up-free technology
– No complicated system
– Maintenance-free
– Life span 5 years
– Reacts quickly – 3-5 sec
– Harmless potassium mix


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