Passive Fire Protection

Fire compartmentation is a crucial part of a building design. It prevents the immediate spread of fire which could trap the occupants of a building. It reduces the chance of  a fire growing and thereby limits the damage caused to a building and its contents. The use of compartmentation products allows more flexible design of spaces and can improve the aesthetic appearance of a building.

Stoebich Fire Curtains

Stöbich Brandschutz

Using state-of-the-art high-performance fabrics Stöbich produces various textile fire protection solutions for many application fields. They can also supply a wide range of shielding products for almost all kinds of rail-bound conveyor systems.



FSi are a UK manufacturers of fire stopping and compartmentation systems. Their fire products are all tested and accredited by third party agencies. They are also tested and certified to maintain the acoustic and air tightness of building elements.

Puma Pressure Releif Damper

Puma Products

Fire suppression systems cause changes in pressure in sealed rooms. Pressure relief must be provided to prevent structural damage. Puma are the leading manufacturer of pressure relief vents and extinguishing extract systems in the UK.

Mobial Fire Door


Mobiak manufacture fire doors of various fire ratings approved to international standards. Doors can be supplied with a paint finish or a wood effect finish. Doors are suppliued with all necessary furniture such as locks, panic bars and closers.

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