Flexiclamp 200

Flexiclamp 200 Clamp Meter

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The Megger? FlexiClamp does what you always thought clampmeters should do ? measure current in multi-core cables and power cords without the need to split them. The original methods of taking current measurements by inserting a shunt resistor or using a current transformer have the disadvantage of having to break the circuit conductor. And with traditional clamp-on current meters, measurements can only be made on single conductors, requiring covers to be moved to gain access. Even then, it is often awkward to get sufficient cable free to reach the jaws of the clamp. With the FlexiClamp, there is now no need to remove covers or split cables. All that is needed is to place the jaws around the outside
sheath of the cable. With the FlexiClamp, current can be measured in 2- or 3- wire, round, flat or twin and earth cables to 40 A, with a resolution of 0,1 A. Single-wire measurements up to 199,9 A mean that the FlexiClamp can also function as a ?traditional? clampmeter.

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