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RPSL seal kits

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The seal kit contains the following as standard 10 Nos RPSL pots with 150mm earth tail, 10 Nos seal or stub caps, RMX sealing compound, Black PVC sleeving and Green/Yellow PVC sleeving. 7L1.5 kits contain 2 Nos only.

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RPSL seals (commonly know as Earth Tail seals) are designed to be used in conjunction with Wrexham Mineral Cables glands. Manufactured and tested to BS EN 60702-2:2002. For
ambient service temperatures of -20?c to 105?c.

Earth Tail Seals have an integrated earth tail (150mm long), crimped and soldered into the base of the brass pot. This provides earth continuity or sheath bonding into the application for cable conductor sizes up to and including 50mm? (Excluding those with 12 and 19 conductors).

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