Input Output Module

Single input dual relay output module

Part Number
  • Fully Approved to EN54-18 for Input / Output Modules standards
  • Inbuilt Isolators complying with EN54-17 standards
  • Powered from the loop
  • Automatic and Manual Addressing features
  • Twin Bi-Color LED for Status and Fire Single
  • Up to 240 devices on a single loop
  • Devices are controlled and monitored in supervised and unsupervised modes

BD 20.960

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VELOX input/output modules enable setting up of a ‘cause and effect’ plan for the various detection and alerting devices and activate emergency measures involved in life safety. The modules act as an interface between the fire detection loop and external devices on heating, ventilation and air conditioning networks. The addressable modules can be used to monitor sensory devices via its input terminals and then activate fire control mechanisms such as control of fire shutters, sprinklers, ventilation and air conditioning equipment via its output terminals. The input modules can supervise devices for alarm, short, open, and earth conditions. The modules are available in various sizes and designs to suit different conditions in commercial and industrial sites and for greater flexibility in installing in standard electrical boxes. The devices are powered from the same fire detection loop which connects the fire alarm control panel, detectors, beacons, manual call points, etc. Therefore, additional power supply sources are not required.

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