DA395 power supply

Steel-cased 2x 1A 12V DC power supply with integrated UPS

Part Number
  • Two 1A 12V DC fused outputs
  • Integrated UPS battery back-up function
  • Mild steel powder-coated enclosures
  • Includes a ‘spares-bag’ mounting kit
  • Input 230V AC @ 50Hz (+/- 10%)


BD 29.960

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This simple range of multi-purpose metal-cased power supplies provides 2A of 13.7V DC via individually fused outputs, for 12V DC equipment. The enclosure can also house a 7Ah VRLA battery, which the power supply will automatically charge while mains power is present, and use in the event of a mains power loss. Each of the outputs can provide 12V 1A DC continuously and is protected with a quick-blow 1A glass fuse.

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