DA396 Power Supply

Steel-cased 4x 1A 12V DC power supply with integrated UPS

Part Number
  • 4x 1A individually fused outputs
  • Integrated UPS battery back-up function
  • Mild steel powder-coated enclosures
  • Includes a spares-bag mounting kit
  • Input 230V AC @ 50Hz (+/- 10%)


BD 40.690

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This simple range of multi-purpose metal-cased power supplies provides 4A of 13.7V DC via individually fused outputs, for 12V DC equipment. The enclosure can also house a 7Ah VRLA battery, which the power supply will automatically charge while mains power is present, and use in the event of a mains power loss.

Manufactured and tested in Britain, this range of power supplies has a five-year warranty, allowing installers to fit and forget. It is ideal for where high reliability is required and where companies may have long service or maintenance contracts. Typical uses include powering door access controllers, electronic door releases, magnetic locks and CCTV cameras.

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