Taktis Addressable Fire Control Panel

Part Number

Control Panels are supplied with one two loop card only. Add dual loop cards part number K758 up to the maximum size of the panel configuration below.

BD 0.000BD 1,133.930

Lowest Price

Initially configured as a fire detection and alarm system, the flexibility of Taktis? is such that it can be re-configured to realise many other control and indication applications, with direct integration into intelligent buildings.

Available in four and eight slot variants, Taktis fire control panel ranges from two to 16 detection loops. Taktis can network up to 127 panels, making it ideal for the largest sites including schools, hospitals, multi-site retail/supermarkets, critical infrastructure and major commercial and industrial facilities. Multiple protocols can be supported on each panel to give installers and end-users maximum choice in their systems? design, and the scalable nature of the product provides the highest level of future-proofing and networking possibilities.

Taktis product now has EN 54-13 approvals. The certification ensures that the fire detection and alarm system components are compatible and communicate with each other at the most critical stages of a fire alarm operation ? providing installers and end users complete peace of mind that multi-manufacturer, open-protocol systems will work together with total reliability.

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