Trimec Z8-HR Single Series Monitored Electromagnetic Lock

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Holding Force: 550kg ? 580kg
Dimensions: (L)266 x (H)72 x (D)40 mm
Voltage: 12Vdc/ 24Vdc ?10%
Current: 512mA @ (12Vdc) 256mA @ (24Vdc)
Monitoring: Hall-Effect/Bond sensing & Reed Switch
Operation Temperature: -10 to 55 Degrees
Operation Humidity: 0 ? 95%

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The Z8 Series Electromagnetic Locks operate with holding forces up to 580kg. Covering a range of applications the Z8 Electromagnets are ideal for applications from Standard doors through to high use commercial swing doors. With fixing options including wood, aluminium and steel constructions, as well as glass door applications, the range caters to most electromagnetic needs.

The lock is fail-safe, it unlocks when power is removed and has instantaneous release. Smart electronics on the Z Series Electromagnets eliminate residual magnetism. It is suitable for both new and retrofit usage and is self aligning; the armature plate pivots to accommodate door drop. Hall-Effect monitoring is built in.

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