VELOX-Vita Control Panel

Velox Vita 6100 Control Panel

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  • 4G Connectivity with Fully redundant Ethernet connection.
  • Fully IoT based design for smart city connectivity and applications.
  • Fully EN54 part 2 & 4 Certified.
  • One loop with 240 devices loop powered.

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VELOX VITA is marking a new era of innovation in fire detection and alarm system technology. Fully integrated with the VELOX range of devices and protocol, it surpasses the performance of any traditional addressable panels in the market by far. Based on state of the art 32-bit microprocessor technology, the VELOX VITA can communicate swiftly over a 2Km loop length, fully loaded with 240 loop devices. The touch screen user interface enhances the user’s experience by making navigation through menus, programming and response times swifter, easier and more effective. The Innovative VELOX VITA Introducing the unique ‘Bakhoor Mode’ feature which will help eliminate unwanted Alarms caused by burning incense, charcoal, smoking and even cooking in the home. The Bakhoor mode is easily activated by the home owner and gives a unique timed ‘filter’ that will ignore smoke activations from specific detectors for the timed period. Once the timed period has expired the detectors will revert to their normal detection state. Whilst in Bakhoor mode the multi-sensor detectors will still detect heat thus ensuring a ‘real’ fire will still be detected and the alarm triggered in the normal way.

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