Volt Stick 230

Volt Stick 230

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Voltage Range: 200~1000v AC
Sensitivity: Indicator will illuminate at 4mm distance of a 2.5mm conductor carrying 220v
Response Time: Immediate
Intrinsically Safe: No
Power Requirements: 2 x Standard AAA alkaline batteries (supplied)
Relative Humidity: 80% @ 30?C, 50% @ 40?C
Operating Temperature: 20? ~ +50?C
Overvoltage: CAT III, 1000v AC

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The Volt Stick 230 is the original – and the world’s leading – 230v instant non-contact voltage tester.

This easy-to-operate, pen-sized voltage tester is designed for safe checking for the presence of an AC voltage – without the need to make any disconnections – for cables, power sockets, fuses, junction boxes, circuit breakers and more.

When the Volt Stick 230 is presented in close proximity to a potential voltage source (ie. a cable, wire, socket, etc), the red LED indicator in the Volt Stick’s tip will illuminate on detection of an AC voltage (within the range of 200~1000v AC).

The Volt Stick 230Y is effective for testing electrical connection points and insulated cables.

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