Volt Stick Sound

Volt Stick Sound

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Features built-in buzzer
Fully approved to IEC 61010-1 CAT III 1000VAC and CE.

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Volt Stick SOUND is a 230v AC non-contact, instant voltage checker featuring both red LED indicator and sounder, for added confidence when checking for the presence of an AC voltage.
Designed for quickly and safely checking for ‘live / not live’ AC voltage, the Volt Stick SOUND provides both visual and audible warnings when testing potential live sources such as cables/wires, electrical sockets, switches, junction boxes and circuit breakers, for example.

The Volt Stick SOUND’s buzzer feature provides additional clarification of AC voltage presence if you’re testing in bright light environments or in hard to reach areas where visibility of the checker’s LED tip may be restricted.

The Volt Stick SOUND is the ideal model for safe, instant checking of 230v mains electrics, live fuse identification and polarity identification.

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