WHDR Cylinder-Valve Assembly

WHDR Wet Chemical Cylinder-Valve Assemblies

Part Number
  • For use in WHDR Commercial CookingFire Suppression Systems
  • Flexible System Configurations
  • Five Cylinder Sizes to Suit any Application
  • WHDR-125 1.33 Gal (5 litre) Cylinder
  • WHDR-260 2.66 Gal (10 litre) Cylinder
  • WHDR-400 4 Gal (15 litre) Cylinder
  • WHDR-600 6 Gal (22 litre) Cylinder

BD 167.860BD 239.160

Lowest Price

The WHDR Series cylinders are used in Kidde Fire Systems pre-engineered wet chemical fire suppression systems for protection of ventilation equipment andappliances associated with commercial cooking operations. The cylinders are factory-filled with Kidde Fire Systems APC wet chemical agent and pressurized with nitrogen to 175 psig at 70ºF (1207 KPa at 21ºC). APC wet chemical agent provides fast, efficient fire suppression, surface cooling, and prevents re-ignition of fire.

WHDR series cylinders are available in 4 capacities and 5 different sizes to suit a variety of commercial cookingfire protection applications.

All cylinders conform to DOT and TC specifications. The APC agent is discharged through the WHDR cylinder valve, a brass-alloy, nickel-plated forging, trusted worldwide for over 30 years. The valve includes an easy to read pressure gauge to facilitate quick inspection.

WHDR series cylinders are pneumatically actuated via a System Valve Actuator (SVA), using either the XV Control System or KRS-50 Control Box.

The WHDR systems have a listed operating temperature range of 0º F to 120ºF (-18ºC to 49ºC).

All WHDR cylinders are shipped with an anti-recoil plate and valve protection plate for safety

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