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Xgard Type 2

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Exd Flameproof toxic and oxygen gas detector using an electrochemical sensor within an Xgard enclosure, which also contains the amplifier/transmitter to provide a 2-wire 4 to 20mA output.

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The dangers presented by toxic and flammable gases as well as oxygen deficiency vary with each application. Xgard offers four different sensor concepts (electrochemical, pellistor, infrared and thermal conductivity) so you can choose exactly what you need for your site. In addition Xgard is available in flameproof, intrinsically safe or safe area formats for use in all environments, whatever the classification. A wide combination of gases and sensors are available. Please call for details.

Acetylene 0-100%LEL
Ammonia 0-1000ppm NH3 (-20C min)
Ammonia 0-100ppm NH3 (-20C min)
Ammonia 0-100ppm NH3 (-40C min)
Ammonia 0-25%LEL NH3
Ammonia 0-250ppm NH3 (-20C min)
Ammonia 0-500ppm NH3 (-20C min)
Ammonia 0-50ppm NH3 (-20C min)
Arsine 0-1ppm AsH3
Bromine 0-3ppm? Br2
Butane 0-100% LEL C4H10(IR)
Butane 0-100%LEL
Butene 0-100% LEL C4H8(IR)
Carbon dioxide 0-2% volume CO2(IR)
Carbon dioxide 0-5% volume CO2(IR)
Carbon monoxide 0-1000ppm CO
Carbon monoxide 0-100ppm CO
Carbon monoxide 0-2000ppm CO
Carbon monoxide 0-200ppm CO
Carbon monoxide 0-250ppm CO
Carbon monoxide 0-300ppm CO
Carbon monoxide 0-500ppm CO
Carbon monoxide 0-50ppm CO
Chlorine 0-100ppm Cl2
Chlorine 0-10ppm Cl2
Chlorine 0-20ppm Cl2
Chlorine 0-3ppm Cl2
Chlorine 0-50ppm Cl2
Chlorine 0-5ppm Cl2
Chlorine dioxide 0-1ppm ClO2
Diborane 0-1ppm B2H6
EDC 0-100%LEL
Ethane 0-100%LEL
Ethanol 0-100% LEL C2H5OH(IR)
Ethanol 0-100%LEL
Ethylene 0-100% LEL C2H4(IR)
Ethylene 0-100%LEL
Ethylene oxide 0-100ppm C2H4O
Ethylene oxide 0-10ppm C2H4O
Ethylene oxide 0-50ppm C2H4O
Fluorine 0-1ppm F2
Hexane 0-100% LEL C6H14(IR)
Hexane 0-100%LEL
Hydrogen 0-100%LEL
Hydrogen 0-20000ppm (0-50% LEL) H2
Hydrogen 0-2000ppm H2
Hydrogen 0-200ppm H2
Hydrogen 0-25%LEL
Hydrogen 0-40000ppm (0-100% LEL) H2
Hydrogen chloride 0-10ppm HCl
Hydrogen chloride 0-25ppm HCl
Hydrogen chloride 0-5ppm HCl
Hydrogen cyanide 0-25ppm HCl
Hydrogen fluoride 0-10ppm HF
Hydrogen sulphide 0-1000ppm H2S
Hydrogen sulphide 0-100ppm H2S
Hydrogen sulphide 0-10ppm H2S
Hydrogen sulphide 0-200ppm H2S
Hydrogen sulphide 0-20ppm H2S
Hydrogen sulphide 0-250ppm H2S
Hydrogen sulphide 0-25ppm H2S
Hydrogen sulphide 0-300ppm H2S
Hydrogen sulphide 0-50ppm H2S
Hydrogen sulphide 0-5ppm H2S
hydrogen: 0-10% vol. in air
hydrogen: 0-20% vol. in nitrogen
hydrogen: 0-25% vol. in nitrogen
hydrogen: 0-30% vol. in nitrogen
hydrogen: 0-5% vol. in air
hydrogen: 0-50% vol. in air
hydrogen: 0-50% vol. in nitrogen
IPA 0-100%LEL
Jet Fuel 0-100%LEL
LPG 0-100% LEL(IR)
LPG 0-100%LEL
Methane 0-100% LEL CH4(IR)
Methane 0-100%LEL
Methanol 0-100% LEL CH3OH(IR)
Methanol 0-100%LEL
Nitric oxide 0-100ppm NO
Nitric oxide 0-25ppm NO
Nitric oxide 0-50ppm NO
Nitrogen dioxide 0-100ppm NO2
Nitrogen dioxide 0-10ppm NO2
Nitrogen dioxide 0-50ppm NO2
Oxygen 0-25% vol O2
Ozone 0-1ppm O3
Pentane 0-100% LEL C5H12(IR)
Pentane 0-100%LEL
Petrol Vapour (leaded) 0-100%LEL
Petrol Vapour (unleaded) 0-100%LEL
Phosgene, 0-1ppm
Phosphine 0-1ppm PH3
Propane 0-100% LEL C3H8(IR)
Propane 0-100%LEL
Silane 0-1ppm SiH4
Sulphur dioxide 0-100ppm SO2
Sulphur dioxide 0-10ppm SO2
Sulphur dioxide 0-20ppm SO2
Sulphur dioxide 0-250ppm SO2
Sulphur dioxide 0-50ppm SO2
Toluene 0-100%LEL
VCM 0-100%LEL
Volatile organics 0-100ppm VO
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