Test Equipment

We can supply a wide range of test equipment to meet a wide range of applications. Our product range includes a huge range of electrical testers and meters (including multimeters, multifunction testers, battery testers, and more), high voltage test equipment, process and industrial testers as flue gas analysers, and sophisticated fire detection test equipment. As part of our maintenance and service division we can also carry out testing in accordance with the relevant standards.

Bowden Bros

The Bowden Bros Company  develops a range of unique products tailored to improve the performance and effectiveness of Electricity Distribution Companies. Their instrument range includes: 

Chauvin Arnoux

Proud of their two brands, Chauvin Arnoux® and Metrix®, they can supply a wide range of measuring instruments as used by millions of professionals every day. These cover the fields of general electrical measurement (testers, multimeters and current clamps), electrical safety testers, wattmeters and electrical network quality analysers, oscilloscopes and, more generally, instruments for testing electronic devices.

Detector Testers

The world’s leading designer and manufacturer of detector test equipment. From innovative hand-held aerosols through to 3 in 1 test tools, all products are designed to offer fast, reliable and cost effective functional testing of fire detectors.

Volt Stick

Just the size of a pen, Volt Sticks provide a convenient safety tool which can instantly detect the presence of an AC voltage, without the need to make physical contact with any potential conducting surfaces or materials.

Proud of our Partners

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