Room Integrity Testing

A room integrity test is an essential and mandatory process to ensure the correct operation of a gaseous fire suppression system. Whilst suppression systems are designed to achieve a concentration sufficient to extinguish a fire, the gaseous agent does very little to cool the seat of a fire. It is essential that the room enclosure is sufficiently air tight to hold the concentration for a significant time after the release of the gaseous agent to prevent reignition. Integrity testing provides a measure of the effectiveness of the room to retain the gas concentration and should be carried out at the time of commissioning and annually as part of the maintenance program thereafter.

We have a team of accredited technicians who have over ten years experience in conducting fan tests. They keep up to date with current standards with retesting and certification every two years. We have the ability to carry out both single and multi-fan testing to enable us to test the largest risks. We can offer a one-off testing service or an annual agreement which can include the maintenance and service of the associated fire suppression system.

We can also make recommendations and proposals for the installation of pressure relief venting and sealing of openings and services. We only use approved products and trained technicians to carry out fire sealing works.

All our testing is carried out in accordance with the following international standards: BSEN15004, ISO14520, BAFE SP203-3 and NFPA 2001. We are an ISO 90001:1985 approved company ensuring consistency of our methods.

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