GPIC FA Upgrade

GPIC Fire Detection Systems Upgrade

For over twenty years the GPIC site has been protected with the Kidde Vega range of control units giving exceptional reliability and performance. Due to obsolescence of component parts GPIC are now upgrading their site to use the latest Taktis panels manufactured by Kentec. The Taktis panel is now approved and compliant with EN54-2, EN54-4. EN54-part 13. This certification ensures that the fire detection and alarm system components are compatible and communicate with each other at the most critical stages of a fire alarm operation; giving users complete peace of mind that multi-manufacturer, open-protocol systems will work together with total reliability.

Crosstalk 1

The complete network of 57 panels is monitored by a management system manufactured by Tyrrell Products. This will be upgraded to the latest version: Crosstalk 3.1. 

Based on Niagara4, CrossTalk3.1 is a web-based multi-vendor graphical reporting system with dedicated alarm reporting and management client. It allows users, engineers & managers to control and monitor all the fire alarm systems in the building or campus as well as providing an open platform for integration of many other systems on site, such as BMS & Security.

CrossTalk3.1 supports panels from Advanced, Gent, Kentec, Kidde, Morley, Notifier, Protec, Rafiki, Zyton & Vesda. CrossTalk3 is open for building systems connectivity, all open standard drivers such as M-bus, BACnet, Modbus, & much more are included free of charge, as well as more being added all the time. There are over 120 proprietary drivers for all manner of systems such as Trend as well as DB connectivity such as Oracle, SQL and CSV.

Apollo Fire Detectors

Of course no system would be complete and perform to its best unless it used the range of fire detection and alarm components manufactured by Apollo Fire Detectors. They provide a complete range of approved detectors and accessories approved to all the latest international standards.

The Khayber Fire and Security Systems team are all trained and certified by all the manufacturers involved ensuring that we can properly support the installation and maintenance for many more years to come.

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